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In order to gain some useful knowledge about S. cerevisiae as a model organism, we decided to periodically study a chapter from the page bellow:

The chapters selected from study were:

  • 3 Yeast MetabolismBR 5 The Yeast GenomeBR 10 Yeast Growth and Cell CycleBR 12 Gene Expression in YeastBR

    • Fundamentals about the yeast’s biology

    13 Signaling and Regulatory Circuits in Yeast
    • More advanced cell & molecular biology, related to current hot topics in systems biology

    4 Yeast Molecular Techniques
    • Fundamentals about the manipulation in the lab

Forthcoming Homework

The next session for our Journal Club on Yeast is planned for

  • FRIDAY 26th of October, 11.30am,

and will cover chapter 10 of the manual:

  • 10 Yeast Growth and Cell Cycle
  • 10.1 Vegetative Reproduction in Yeast
  • 10.2 The Yeast Cell Cycle
  • 10.3 Sexual Reproduction

Past Homework

  • Friday, September 21: the chapter 3, Yeast Metabolism.

  • Thu 11th and Fri 12th of October:
    • 5.2.5 Genome Architecture and Gene Organisation
    • Gene Density and Gene Arrangement of Protein-encoding Genes
    • Base Composition and Gene Density
    • Functional Elements of Yeast Chromosomes
    • Genome Organisation and Evolutionary Aspects
    • 5.2.7 Comparison of Yeast with Other Genomes