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Installing PropheticGranger App

PropheticGranger App will be installable through a single mouseclick into Cytoscape at the Cytoscape App Store. In the meantime, it is available to download by this link. Once the app file is downloaded in your computer, install it in Cytoscape (3.1.x or higher version required) through the App Manager found in the Apps Menu in Cytoscape. Once App Manager is open, click on Install from File. A new dialog will appear to help you find the PropheticGranger app .jar file that you should have previously saved in your computer. Note that the underlying Cyni infrastructure in Cytoscape has been installed automatically. The image below shows the PropheticGranger method in the list of Cyni network inference methods.

TDC in Cyni list

In order to use PropheticGranger, click on Cyni Toolbox tab inside Cytoscape control panel. Then select the Infer Network tab on the bottom of this panel. Finally, you should select the PropheticGranger algorithm from the list of available inference algorithms and also select a table data or load one to Cytoscape.